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Excellent Quality. Zero Compromise.

Our modern workshop is equipped to remove and fit turbochargers on all passenger vehicles-types, bakkies, and off-road vehicles.

Service Exchange

We stock many popular service-exchange turbochargers, available for immediate delivery.

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Turbo Repair

We offer our customers the option of repairing their turbochargers. However, if we don’t have service, exchange units are available.


New Turbocharger

Turbo Dynamics supplies a range of new turbochargers and brands like Garrett, Holset, Cummins, Borg Warner, Mitsubishi, Komatsu, Toyota, IHI, and Hitachi at very competitive prices.



Turbo Dynamics offers a 12-month warranty on remanufactured and new turbochargers, covering the workmanship and parts of the turbocharger.

Remapping & Upgrades

Remapping Your Engine, Better Performance, Improve Your Fuel Consumption.


The engine control unit (ECU) of a vehicle is a computer that controls how the engine works. Its default settings (also known as maps) are not necessarily the best they could be. Manufacturers must consider different climates, legislation, and varying quality of fuels when they program the software. Our remapping service is intended to make the most of your vehicle’s capability with new software programmed to enhance the vehicle’s overall performance.


Benefits of remapping include:
  • Improved fuel consumption.

  • Increased power for a better driving experience.

  • More torque, enhancing your vehicle’s towing capability.

  • A more responsive vehicle.

  • Elimination of flat spots.

  • Smooth power delivery with fewer gear changes.

  • Quicker acceleration, making overtaking safer.


We supply upgraded turbochargers, where the standard compressor wheel is replaced with a billet compressor wheel, in varying sizes; in many cases complementing remapping done on the vehicle.

Billet construction allows aluminium compressor fins to be much thinner than a cast steel alloy wheel.

Machined by 5 axis impeller CNC the blades can be designed in a much more complicated way and much more curved to increase blade surface area